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Descriptions of Best Volunteer-Related Sites

Name of Site Description
As a complimentary system to the 1-800-VOLUNTEER telephone hotline, 1-800-VOLUNTEER.org is an online, community-based volunteer management resource powered by local Volunteer Centers to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations--to promote volunteer opportunities and recruit more volunteers--and volunteers--to easily find and participate in volunteer opportunities and record volunteer service hours.
About.com was founded in 1997 with a simple premise, that people are the best Guides to the Internet. When you read an article on About.com, you are tapping into a powerful network of 475 Guides. Guides have written books, appeared on national television and won many awards in their field. About.com has a site especially for nonprofit and voluntary programs. A recent article on e-campaigns to raise money is what caught our attention. But there is more: how to start a nonprofit, the latest news, and how to raise money.
AL!VE AL!VE (Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement) serves to enhance and sustain the spirit of volunteerism in America by fostering collaboration and networking, promoting professional development, and providing advocacy for leaders in community engagement.
The American Association for Museum Volunteers (AAMV) are the national organization which has served museum volunteer managers, both paid and unpaid, for 25 years. They offer a ListServ and other ways for volunteer managers to network with others in the field.


The Association for Research on Nonprofits and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) maintains one of the liveliest listserve sites for those who work with volunteers. The site is populated by loads of academics who study all aspects of volunteerism. But you can also find thoughtful practitioners. The exchanges of opinions and ideas can be exhilarating and sometimes silly. Here is how to sign up.
1) To join ARNOVA-L, click on the link to the left and send the following one line e-mail message: SUBSCRIBE ARNOVA-L LastName, F

This organization, also, has its own web site at http://www.arnova.org/.
This organization, founded in 1961 as the Overseas Service Bureau, provides the opportunity to volunteer in other countries and information on managing volunteer programs. It has a special program training for individuals with inter-cultural placements. In 1999 they had 750 overseas volunteers in 50 countries.
The site tells the history of the organization, lists volunteer opportunities abroad, has community volunteer opportunities by Australian State, and news and publications. There are hot links to several other organizations, some just for Australians, but including international groups.

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The Sports, Recreation, and Racing Department of Victoria, Australia's Department of State and Regional Development operate this site. There are loads on sports and racing, but the best tool is a manual on volunteer management that can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat (free program) or Word 97. It is specific to working with sports programs, but has the basic information on how to involve volunteers at the grassroots level of service. This 81-page book is a find and can be used worldwide. Thank you to our Australian friend for such a nice resource.
To find the manual: Go to the page on Education and Training, at the top of the page is a list of other links, one of them is to Volunteer Recruiting and Retention. Click on that site and you will find the information to download the book.
CANADIAN ALLIANCE FOR DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES AND PROJECTS (CADIP) CADIP is an independent, non-governmental, non-religious, not-for-profit Canadian organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Through various youth initiatives, Cadip promotes peace, cooperation, tolerance and understanding in international, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural surroundings. The organization also promotes patterns and examples of civil activities focused on serving others, on building social ties and strengthening communities, on supporting civil society development.
An excellent web site for information on Canadian nonprofit organizations, philanthropy federally and at the provincial level, statistics on everything from volunteering to giving. Excellent linkages to other sites with information on boards, resource development, volunteer management, and research in progress.
Charity Channel is the brain child of Steven Nill of American Philanthropy Review. The most notable feature of this Web site are the many online discussion forums. One of those is CYBERVPM, managed by Nan Hawthorne. It is aimed at volunteer managers and is a lively site. Charity Channel has provided some nifty bells and whistles for this forum and others. One notable example is the feature of allowing people who are talking about forms to share those with others on the list. There are discussion forums for grants/foundations, laws related to tax-exempt organizations, college/university advancement, health care philanthropy, and fundraising. There is a consultant/trainer registry. There were people listed from Kalamazoo to India and Somerset, UK to East Brady, PA. It can be searched by your location or the name of the consultant. Another wonderful feature of this site is the Career Search Online. Looking for a job, just the place to look. The pages are attractively laid out, but a bit slow in coming up. I suspect this is due to the wealth of information on one page. It is worth the wait!

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What a terrific Web site! The site uses a street motif. There are different "stores" in this mythical village, all related to volunteerism and charity. For example, there is a library, with front desk and "Please be Quiet Signs." You can, also, find a Career Centre. Started by Doug Jamieson in 1995 the site is loaded with helpful information and links for anyone interested in most aspects of volunteer management and administration. This should be a bookmark on your browser.
CHRONICLE OF PHILANTHROPY The Chronicle not only provides up-to-date news on current trends in the nonprofit world, but has many other important services. Facts and Figures (http://philanthropy.com/stats) provides the latest surveys and studies on charitable giving, while Philanthropy Careers (http://philanthropy.com/jobs) includes career advice, job-search tips, and a popular job board that currently features over 650 positions at nonprofit organizations—all fully searchable and available without a subscription. Readers post questions and discuss the hottest issues in the profession at Chronicle forums (http://philanthropy.com/forums). The Nonprofit Handbook (http://philanthropy.com/handbook) provides a guide to print and online fund-raising and financial-management resources.
CV SNET is a discussion group for those who work in activities and management of Councils of Voluntary Service (CVS) or National associations. It is for staff, trustees or volunteers. To subscribe, click on the site name listed above. An e-mail page will come up. Type in the following: SUB CVs (your CVs name) (your first name) (your last name) This is not a U.S. site, but will probably have good ideas on volunteer management. I plan to check it out. Why don't you?
Participate in an online discussion of issues related to volunteer program management delivered by e-mail. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE CYBERVPM followed by your full name or organization. Send this message, making capitalization exactly, with no further message in the body of the e-mail.
San Antonio http://www.sanantonio.gov/planning/disability_handbook/disability_handbook.asp has an excellent site with loads of information on such things as interviewing courtesies, how to make reasonable accommodations, and the actual text of the ADA law. It is a site loaded with information and no nasty graphics to slow down your surfing! My favorite page at this site is titled "Do's and Dont's" It is quick, specific, and helpful.

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If you belong to a group that does advocacy work, this is a site for you. It focuses primarily on electronic advocacy, but is really a giant portal page. There are links to sites that define electronic advocacy, provide links to researchers, and even a group of online discussion groups hosted by Yahoo (who else?). It is an easy to load site and navigation is a breeze. Color combinations and pictures were reasonable in download time. The most interesting page was titled “Informatics.” It is not in the dictionary and seems to be a new Web Word. It was a page with many links to many different sites on many different topics.
EVOLUNTEER.CO.UK The UK has a wonderful site to list your volunteer positions. We are adding this free service to our permanent list of resources. It also contains news updates on things related to volunteering and nonprofit charities in the UK. It was easy to find a volunteer position, the task, city/town, time needed, start date. Very no nonsense and helpful. If you are in the UK, you should be listing your volunteer positions at this site.

Susan Ellis has an online journal on volunteerism. This ambitious project provides readings with cutting edge information and commentary on a variety of aspects of volunteerism. Some of the best minds are writing for this new journal, including an excellent sampling from outside the US. Most of the articles are interactive. Throughout the text there are places to register your comments and read those of other readers. There is a charge for the four times per year journal.

ENERGIZE, INC. Susan Ellis is an experienced trainer in volunteer management and administration. She has a new WEB site. It is interactive, allowing you to participate. Susan writes an editorial and provides a page for comments. There are other pages with information on the resources sold by her company, Energize, Inc. and lots of tips on being a good manager of volunteers. Definitely needs to be a book mark on your browser. The Energize site is also maintaining a list of DOVIA addresses and phone numbers. If you are a DOVIA member, make sure yours is listed.

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This online service is a treasure trove of information and a library to boot! Sponsored by The Foundation Center, it is headquarters for grantseekers. There is an online reference librarian, information on services of The Foundation Center, and a training schedule. If you are looking for money or tips on writing grants or raising money, this site deserves a bookmark.
Government based volunteer program managers; federal, state, city, or county have a WEB site all their own. The site has links to other Internet resources, articles by current government volunteer program managers, and the latest news for the unique needs of government based volunteer programs. The site also hosts an online discussion group for volunteer managers. Subscribe to this discussion group dedicated to the unique needs of volunteer managers. Gov-vpm is sponsored by the Points of Light Foundation Institute.
Guidestar is a joint project of the Urban Institute and Philanthropic Research. Funded by American Express it is a site to help donors or institutional funders learn more about nonprofit organizations to which they would like to contribute. A visitor can search the database by type of organization or the specific name. Information provided includes the mission statement, programs, contact person, and fiscal overview for 1998.
In addition the site has a place to list volunteer positions. It appears to be a listing by date. It is not easy to find a job in your own community in a very long list! Be sure to visit the site before listing your positions.

In 1989, President George H.W. Bush invoked the vision of a Thousand Points of Light, a constellation of change agents that make our communities and democracy work. That vision to promote and cultivate volunteer engagement gave birth to a federally authorized, independent nonprofit entity called the Points of Light Foundation.On August 1, 2007, Points of Light Foundation and Hands on Network decided to join forces and merged into a single organization with a shared vision and a shared set of goals.The new organization, now called Points of Light Institute, is implementing a bold new strategy to create unprecedented scale and people-centered community impact through volunteerism and civic involvement.At the center of the network are more than 250 affiliates, called HandsOn Action Centers that serve 83% of the American population and located 12 international communities.

Are you recruiting on the Web? Here is another site where you can list those volunteer jobs. Action without Borders, founded in 1995 is a global network of individuals and organizations who are working together to build a world where people live free and dignified lives in a healthy environment. They have a site where volunteer positions can be listed. http://www.idealist.org. The site topped the list when a search engine looked for "volunteer jobs." The person seeking a position can put in country-Australia; city-Melbourne-and the type of work they are seeking. It is an easy site to access for those looking for a new place to list their volunteer positions.
Iko Poran is a Brazilian international volunteer organization who's main goal is to make a positive impact on the projects in which programs take place, promoting a wide experience exchange between cultures and strengthening a constant and growing number of non profit organizations in Brazil. It is the ideal travel experience for those who want to go beyond the ordinary. It is aimed at those who are willing to have the satisfaction of sharing, learning and helping in the construction and visualization of a fairer world for all.

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ImpactOnline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing the power of the Internet to build stronger, more connected communities. ImpactOnline's premier service, VolunteerMatch (www.volunteermatch.org), saves money for non-profits by reducing volunteer recruitment costs, while increasing volunteerism by making it easier to get involved. Since its introduction just two years ago, VolunteerMatch has connected more than 160,000 volunteers with nearly 9,000 nonprofits throughout the United States. VolunteerMatch also serves as the matching engine on Internet
portals including Looksmart, AltaVista, Go! and AOL's helping.org site. Based in Palo Alto, CA, ImpactOnline is supported by a staff of 10 and, of course, the help of dozens of volunteers.
Independent Sector is a national leadership forum, working to encourage philanthropy, volunteering, not-for-profit initiative and citizen action that better serves people and communities. They are best known for their biennual study, Giving and Volunteering in the United States.
InnoNet is a free site for nonprofit social service organizations that is designed to provide practical assistance. They offer a Search Service and Participatory Evaluation Service. NO Charge!
This site is useful for anyone working with volunteers, government, corporate, nonprofit, or military. There is a large section on conducting research. Good examples of different types of research methods, including examples of the various types of survey research. There is a section on sampling and probability that can be understood by someone unfamiliar with survey research.
The site is easily maneuverable and few waits while it "boots" up. It is colorful, but not in an interfering way. The hot links to move around in the site are clear and straightforward! This one is a keeper.
The Institute is home to research on volunteerism and the publication the Journal of the Institute for Volunteering Research. It is a part of the National Centre for Volunteering Site in London, England, UK. The site is quite useful for anyone interested in a deeper take on volunteering. There are reports on ongoing research projects in the UK and who to contact if you wish to participate or want more information. There is a link to the Voluntary Action History Society, in existence since 1991, it is amassing information on volunteering in the UK. There are books for sale and the ability to buy online. No doubt the most useful part of this site is an area called Research Bulletins. These are short articles on a variety of topics; "Age Discrimination and Volunteering," "What Young People Want from Volunteering," "Valuing Volunteering in Europe" are but a few samples. It is easy to move around this site and an informative and thought-provoking site.

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Volunteerism is an international movement. It wasn't invented in North American. This is a Web site for an international multidisciplinary scholarly association. Their purpose is to promote research and teaching about the voluntary and nonprofit sector, often referred to as the third sector. This is a Web site that might give you a unique look at volunteering around the world.
This is an annotated list of resources for nonprofit and volunteer programs and it is "whiz bang!" It is free, no ads, and chock full of Internet links to the best sites. Not only are there lists, but the editors have marked some sites as "Best Bet." These are places where you can get the best information for your program. It has information on fund raising, publications in the field, volunteerism, management and leadership, and so much more. It doesn't matter what you are looking for, VT's editor is sure you can find some help here.
Job-descriptions.org provides the very best in job-related resources written in plain English. The website currently contains over 13,000 job descriptions and will be expanded in the coming months to include a vast collection of job-related resources.
This online site is devoted to advocacy for the disabled. It provides three things awareness initiatives, educational programs, and employment opportunities. It is a treasure trove of information on equipment and resources to make it possible for the disabled to volunteer. There is an especially good section on computer equipment for those who are visually impaired. It is easy to find your way around. Start with the FAQ page to learn the basics.
The US Department of Education has this marvelous handbook on legal issues and volunteers buried on its site. I found it by accident! Nonetheless, it is worth marking as "favorite" or "bookmark," depending on your browser. This online manual reviews US laws related to the laws that apply when working with volunteers. It reviews such things as laws on public accommodation at the Federal and State level. Topics include anti-discrimination statutes, Child Labor laws, workers compensation, and taxation. Everything is cited, with hotlinks to the citations. It is an excellent resource.

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The Management Assistance Program of St. Paul, MN is a full service training and consulting firm for nonprofit organization. They do project management, classes, sell publications, and manage a free online library. The library is a treasure trove of hot links to information and articles on a wide array of topics of interest to anyone working with volunteers. I visited the Boards site and found many useful items for those working with nonprofit boards. The section on volunteerism had hot links to the sites listed in VT, but had some other new locations of interest. The MAP for Nonprofits site is easy to use and quite responsive. Colors are good, but not overpowering. That cannot be said of some of the hot linked locations. The organization has a long list of corporate sponsors, General Mills, Cargill, Honeywell, and US Bank, to name a few. They are running a class operation and you might enjoy visiting them.
Mary Merrill of Columbus, OH has a Web site with information about her training and background as a consultant, researcher, and teacher in all things volunteer. The nice thing about her site is that she has, also, provided information on an array of resources for those who work with volunteers. For example, she has a series of hot links that give lists of professional organizations for volunteer managers, newsletters (online and otherwise), recruitment sites, and online resources. No doubt the most valuable part of the site is "Trading Place." It is here you will find copies of articles on such things as the Volunteer Code of Ethics, risk management, and how to identify a great volunteer. Mary has also included forms than can be downloaded such as the Board Planning Self Analysis and volunteer evaluations. In addition to all this meaty information, the site is blissfully easy to use. It is simple, straightforward, and FAST! It is no nonsense resources at your fingertips!
This site, connected to Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a terrific resource for information on nonprofits and managing volunteers. It has pages on such things as governance, staff development, management, operations management, leadership, and volunteer management. Each of those sections has a mini-home page with some quick tips on the topic. You can then choose a deeper search of resources, a glossary, preferred practices, or profiles of things to bring you more information on the topic.

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This web site is loaded with information gathered from around the Internet and traditional media sources. It is a good review of what's new and noteworthy. The editor of VT read about fund-raising on the Internet. You can subscribe to a summary of news, which arrives by e-mail. There are archive issues available. It is worth checking out.
This page is part of a large WEB site for The Evergreen Society. It is full to the brim with interesting and varied information for those interested in volunteer management, nonprofit organizations, and civic action. By checking out this site, you can move around to those areas of interest to you. Anyone who is familiar with Putnam Barber, will find him here at his best. The file is also updated quite frequently.
Sponsored by OMB Watch, this site features news about advocacy. There are articles, advice, and the laws and regulations for charities. There is also a directory with contact information for the US President and members of Congress, just to name a few. A nice feature is a listing of journalists with contact information.
The Management Center of San Francisco sponsors this job opportunity site. It provides comprehensive listings of positions in the nonprofit sector throughout the U.S. and world-wide. There is also career developmet and job search information. Jobs can be found through geographical location listings or types of jobs available. The day Volunteer Today visited, over 450 jobs were listed.
PHILANTHROPY JOURNAL - ONLINE The Fletcher Foundation sponsors this free site for anyone who is interested in raising money, engaging volunteers in the fund raising process, needing tips on e-fund raising. It has a bit for everyone. There are even discounts on software, a page where you can list jobs, or look for a job! It was easy to maneuver around in this site, but kinky in the upload. I got double images and other strange things, but when it was fully loaded all was find. You can submit stories to this site and there is even a Web survey group.

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This is a terrific site for information on philanthropy and volunteering. Funded by a mix of foundations and corporations, it is full of news on such things as corporate giving, foundations, fundraising, giving, innovations, and volunteering. There are featured articles and then side bar stories with more information. For example, a side bar story on the volunteering page highlighted the technology skills at the Dallas Volunteer Center. It included ways to electronically communicate with the person leading the work. The main page is a mix of news and views, studies and opinions on the entire area of volunteering and philanthropy. It is nice to look at and easy to navigate. VT's editor and chief writer found it slow at times. Those pretty graphics look nice, but it takes time for them to load. It can be annoying to sit and wait out the loading time.



Portland State University’s Institute for Nonprofit Management and Department of Extended Studies offer an educational series of classes designed to build a volunteer program to standards of excellence, and to provide professional development for practitioners. Classes can be taken for credit, audit, or toward a Certificate in Volunteer Administration. The Volunteer Engagement and Leadership Program (VELP) offers two formats to educate professionals and others on how to successfully engage and lead volunteers. Formats provide hands-on practical exercises and experiences for learners at all levels to enhance their work with volunteers. Option 1 A fully online, asynchronous course on engaging and leading volunteers; for credit or certification. Option 2 n-person [on the ground] professional development VELP-2 trainings can be customized for a particular organization or is also offered as open-enrollment for multiple agencies in a classroom setting at a location near you. Participants who complete an open-enrollment three-day regional or single organizational training received written acknowledge of completion from Portland State University’s Institute for Non-Profit Management.

Courses many be taken for college credit, non-credit or CEU’s. Courses taken for college credit may be applied to a fully online BA/BS degree at Portland State University.

Resources for Volunteer Leaders of Community Organizations is a three-year-old site with some dandy resources. It is aimed at volunteers who work with community-based groups, but the resources can be adapted for use in a wide variety of settings. There is information for those in leadership roles, like the treasurer of the group, and the person who is responsible for membership recruitment. The site is a series of articles, tips, and how-to pieces by the owner of the site and appears to be connected to the Society for Technical Communication in some way, although ownership and contact information is in short supply. There was also one page with a bad URL link. But these flaws should not keep you from checking it out! There are sample letters to people speaking at events and ways to manage a long distance committee. Very practical site with lots of examples.

Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing company. It is easy to share and discover entertaining, informative and original written content across the web and mobile devices. Scribd (pronounced “skribbed”) is the largest book club on the planet -- except that anyone can join the conversation on any topic imaginable: volunteer administration. Nancy Macduff has archived her papers, articles, and journal articles at this site. Visit Scribed and go to Nancy Macduff

The Sefton Volunteer Bureau in the UK (England) has a dandy Web site. It has a “best practices” workbook that has loads of good ideas and practical advice for establishing a volunteer program. And, it does not require you to be in England to implement the many good ideas.

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Single Volunteers, Inc. is an international organization designed to encourage singles to volunteer, with chapters in the United States, Canada and Australia. Local sites provide information on volunteer projects to members who sign up. As of this July 2004, there are 1000+ members in Boston, MA, who's chapter has arranged discounts for classes at the venerable Boston Center for Adult Education.
TWITTER A "tip-a-day" from Nancy Macduff, senior writer and publisher of Volunteer Today. Get ideas from recruiting to recognition. News and views on all things volunteer administration.


Volunteers can capably serve organizations from the "land" of the Internet. The Virtual Volunteering Project site is a wonderful place to start if you want to develop some "virtual" volunteer positions, or if you wish to assess how your current program is doing. There are pages of information for organizations and for volunteers. There is even a test for volunteers of whether they are suitable for this type of volunteering. A handbook outline exists on the site in addition to a list of "do’s and don’ts." The site is a series of links to more pages of information. It is quite dense, but eminently helpful.

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The Volunteer Sector Knowledge Network is a Canadian location with information on topics ranging from leadership, to community and government relations, to finances, accountability and evaluation, and information technology. The site boasts an advisory board from across Canada with experts from volunteer centers, government, academics, and private consultants. A nice feature is a discussion board. There were interesting questions and responses on such things as dealing with difficult board members, and donor recognition policies, among several.
VOLUNTEER MATCH The VolunteerMatch web site offers the quickest and easiest way to sign up for volunteer service online. With nearly 9,000 nonprofit organizations offering more than 20,000 volunteer opportunities through VolunteerMatch, anyone can find a fun and exciting way to get involved. To date, over 160,000 people have logged on to the site to locate volunteer opportunities all across the country.
The VolunteerMatch web site is simple and easy to use. Potential volunteers merely enter their zip code to receive a list of one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities posted by participating nonprofits. Since VolunteerMatch is produced by ImpactOnline, a nonprofit web application company, the service is free to both volunteers and nonprofits.
Volunteer Solutions is a Volunteer Matching Application that helps Volunteer Centers connect individuals to volunteer opportunities in their community.
The United Nations (UN) has French and Spanish versions of its monthly newsletter, "Global Volunteer Update." The newsletter paints a global snapshot of volunteer initiatives around the world. It includes news, events, articles, and resources.

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